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Scorecard FAQ's
Got a question about Wal-Mart's Sustainable Packaging Scorecard? Check the FAQ's below for answers to commonly asked questions about the scorecard and related topics, including Package Modeling and how to calculate answers for the scorecard's more in-depth questions.

All FAQ's are compiled and answered either by Wal-Mart's Packaging SVN or ECRM's Sustainability team.
General Discussion
  Wal-Mart Packaging Scorecard Announcements
Feed Back - Suggestions
  Suggestions or Ideas on how to improve the scorecard
FAQ's and Documentation
Wal-Mart Packaging Scorecard FAQ
  Answers to the most commonly asked questions.
Background & Product Information
  Help documantation for background & product information
Selling Unit Packaging Materials
  Help documentation for selling unit packaging materials
Training Class Q & A
  Questions and Answers from the Package Scorecard Training
Package Modeling Help Text Documentation
  Help text files for reference within the packaging scorecard.
Webcast Faq's and answers.
  Transcript Q & A from the package modeling webcast sessions.
  Polymer materials
  Help text documentation for calculating scores
Technical Support
Packaging Scorecard
  Technical Support for Wal-Mart Retail Link Packaging Scorecard
Package Modeling
  Technical Support for Package Modeling
Packaging Marketgate
  Technical Support for Packaging.Marketgate.com
  General Technical Support