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About The Partnership
The partnership of ECRM and MarsPKG is uniquely qualified to provide instruction for Wal-Mart's Sustainable Packaging Scorecard. ECRM has been a significant contributor to the scorecard while MARSpkg is one of the most respected packaging consulting firms today.

ECRM has contributed to Wal-Mart's environmental efforts since 2006 when Wal-Mart invited ECRM to help develop the Sustainable Packaging Scorecard. ECRM's software development team continues to provide development assistance for the scorecard and Package Modeling at the request of Wal-Mart. Because of ECRM's experience with Wal-Mart's sustainability efforts, the company is able to provide a thorough technical understanding of how all components of the scorecard work.

MarsPKG, a division of MARS Advertising, provides comprehensive packaging consulting services with a focus on technical expertise, marketing experience, and academic expertise. All MARSpkg trainers are experienced packaging professionals who are able to accurately relate the major concepts of the scorecard to attendees and provide hands on experience in calculating and entering answers.
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Meet Our Trainers
All MARSpkg Sustainability Education trainers are experienced packaging professionals who have extensive experience in all aspects of packaging design, development and testing.
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The training resources available through Sustainability Education have helped many companies complete the Sustainable Packaging Scorecard more efficiently while improving their packaging - check back soon to see what others are saying.
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In addition to the Sustainability Education website, there are many other helpful resources on the web for packaging sustainability.